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Vehant Technologies – The Right Technology Solution Partner

In the current world, technology is part and partial of our life. Almost in every field, we use it for better facility, experience, security, safety, and convenience. And when it comes to avail technology solutions, many business owners love to join their hands with Vehant Technologies. 

About Vehant Technologies 

Vehant Technologies is an AI and ML based technology solution provider. For more than 16 years, the company has been offering highly sophisticated solutions for security, traffic management & enforcement, corporates, and covid containment. With manufacturing units and offices in India and the Netherlands, the company caters to the needs of AI-based technological solutions at a global level.   

Products and Solutions Offered at Vehant Technologies 

Vehant Technologies offers its artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) based technology solutions in 4 categories. And each category has several relevant solutions with different capabilities. The primary products and solutions are as follows:

  • Security Screening Solutions – Under this, the company offers Under Vehicle Scanning System, X-Ray Screening System, Explosive Trace Detectors, and Automated Licence Plate Reading System.      
  • Smart City Solutions – Vehant Technologies offers Smart City Solutions in two categories – Traffic Enforcement System and Traffic Management System. Under Traffic Enforcement System, the company offers the following solutions:
  1. Red Light Violation Detection System
  2. Radar Based Speed Violation Detection System
  3. Wrong Way Detection System
  4. No Helmet Violation Detection System
  5. Triple Riding Violation Detection System

Under Traffic Management System, Vehant TEchnologies offers the following products and solutions:

  1. Vehicle Detection Camera 
  2. Automated Number Plate Recognition System
  3. Vehicle Mounted Automated Number Plate Recognition System    
  • Enterprise Analytics – Enterprise Analytics are basically for business owners in the retail, hospitality, logistics and allied sectors. Under this, the company offers the following products and solutions:
  1. Hospitality Industry and Video Analytics
  2. Retail Industry and Video Analytics
  3. Logistic Industry and Video Analytics
  4. PPE & Safety Industry and Video Analytics
  5. Facial Recognition System
  6. Fire and Smoke Detection    
  • Covid-19 Solutions – After some time of the Covid-19 pandemic beginning, the company is offering technological solutions to contain the spread of Covid-19 infections. As per your need, you can avail:
  1. AI Based Thermal Temperature Scanning System
  2. AI Based Intelligent Analytics Solutions
  3. UVC Light Based Baggage/Luggage Disinfection System      

Benefits of availing solutions from Vehant Technologies 

All the products and solutions available with Vehant Technologies are advanced and sophisticated. They are easy to install, integrate with the existing system, and use. While being in use, these solutions offer higher accuracy and stay in operation for a longer period without having any hassle. In addition, the company offers care and support after purchase. On your need, the company technician will help you install, integrate, and use a particular product/solution. If required, they can help you get the issues resolved at your end.

Vehant Technologies is an AI and ML-based technical solution provider. At Vehant, we offer an extensive array of Security Screening, Traffic Management & Enforcement, Enterprise Analytics, and Covid-19 Solutions. We have our manufacturing plants and customer care offices in India and the Netherlands to cater to and meet global demands and standards. When it comes to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based solutions, we are the first choice. It is due to our transparent dealings, business ethics, prompt response, and high-quality solutions.

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