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Wardrobe Talk: 6 Fits For Men That Never Go Out Of Style

When it comes to fashion, accessories and clothing seem limited for men, unlike it is for women. Most ladies even think men’s clothing and accessories are the same–and only differ in colours, prints, and brands. But today, where fashion is slowly starting to become universal and bolder, men’s options are now expanding.

The thing with trends is that they’re unlikely to last. And since today’s fashion focuses on short-lived trends, many men find it hard to stick to a style they like and enjoy. Of course, just because trends don’t last doesn’t mean men shouldn’t try them. If you fancy wearing a grey wedding tie to your brown button-down for a Sunday brunch, who’s to stop you anyway? 

But if you’re still in a phase of discovering your fashion style, going for outfits that are still as stylish as when they were released is the best way to go. So to help ease your fashion worries, let’s look at six fits for men that are proven to never go out of style. 


1 – White tee and jeans

One easy men’s outfit that gents worldwide rely on is the laidback combination of a white t-shirt and jeans. This combination starts becoming more stylish when the person wearing it is confident and comfortable. It’s even a plus when the one wearing it has the looks that elevate the style instantly. That’s why attractive people look effortlessly fashionable even with this simple combination. 

For people not confident wearing a plain white shirt, choosing ones with prints will do as well. Even with a basic shirt, being smart with your choice of pants is a must. Of course, a white shirt would match any colour of pants undoubtedly. However, not all colours, styles, and fits of pants are flattering to every body type. That’s why you must choose jeans that compliment your body shape to rock that white tee effortlessly.

Here’s another tip. Try to play with styling, too. If tuck-in looks good on you, embrace it. On the other hand, if a loose white tee makes you look fashionable without even trying, celebrate it, too. 


2 – Three-fourths and slacks

Another outfit that men wear that looks sleek yet simple is combining three-fourths and slacks. I’ve mentioned in my first outfit how the colour of your pants plays a vital role in styling. In this second outfit, colour matching is as crucial, too. 

Today, many people love to mix and match formal and casual clothing for their outfits. The truth is, the combination of three-fourths and slacks started long ago. And even until now, it makes men look sophisticated and stylish. If you fancy outfits that make you look dandy, try mixing and matching some casual three-fourths and good-coloured slacks. 

You may also want to take note of your slacks’ cut and fit. Going for loose-fit cuts might not be for everyone but if you feel more confident with them, go for it. Usually, men use ankle-length slacks to match their three-fourths top. But either cut will look dashing as long as you’re confident. 


3 – Shorts sleeve button-down polo match with jeans or slacks

Gone were the days when button-down polos equate to workwear attires. Today, button-down polos make men’s casual look elevating. Whether you pair it with jeans or slacks, shorts sleeve button-down won’t disappoint. 

If you want a fresh and laidback look, white shorts sleeve, button-down polo and faded blue jeans are the way to go. You can also wear a coloured button-down and pair it with grey slacks or dark brown jeans. Nowadays, a well-ironed shirt is not a deal-breaker anymore. You can rock a wrinkly button-down and look sophisticated with this pair. 


4 – Leather jacket, shirt, and jeans

In many movies from the 90s, it’s inevitable to see lead actors rock a leather jacket, shirt, and jeans. Today, this look is still as fashionable as it used to be more than decades ago. Whatever type of shirt and pants you wear, a leather jacket will surely match and make you look stylish. 

Regardless of the weather, men love to wear this to complete their look. Now, picture all of the three previous outfits I shared with a leather jacket. Won’t they all look more fashionable? Indeed, leather jackets don’t need further explanation. 


5 – Nylon jacket, shirt, and shorts

This fifth look is perfect for when summer is just about to arrive. Until now, varsity jackets still seem to emulate a sporty and timeless look. But if you feel like wearing a varsity jacket is too age-restricted, plain nylon jackets are the best alternative. 

This look is a perfect balance of casual and formal and would fit any man of age. Feel free to add your favourite baseball cap if you fancy a youthful feel. It is a stylish look and perfect when going on a boys’ night out or going for an out-of-town drive. 


6 – Flannel button-down and jeans

Even though flannel prints are not as popular as they used to be anymore, there’s a reason why many still wear them even today. Some people don’t fancy flannels because it automatically reminds them of country fashion. But honestly, country fashion is timeless; you just have to learn how to be confident in it. 

But to make your look more casual and modern, you must be good at choosing the colours and prints of your flannel button-down. A monochromatic colour scheme is better than choosing the typical red and black. Here’s a tip. Go for light-coloured flannels like beige, muted brown, and sky blue to avoid a country-style look if you’re uncomfortable. 


Colour choice + flattering body fit + confidence = a great fashion style. 

The truth is, finding your style can be a long process for everyone. Some are okay with any clothes that make them feel comfortable, while some love to follow trends. As you explore and experiment with your style, know that one ingredient that could change your look is confidence. 

It’s all about finding the right colour for your skin tone, the right fit for your body, and your attitude when wearing it makes a great fashion style. 


About the author:

Bianca Banda is a writer for Rael Brook, a menswear retailer from London providing quality shirts and accessories in a range of colours, designs, and fabrics, to men across the globe.

Bianca Banda

Bianca Banda is an ardent writer, aiming to share helpful information and ideas effectively and engagingly.

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