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What are The Different Features of Blue Lightsaber?

One of the most common lightsabers that appear in Star Wars is blue. It is very powerful and preferred due to its rich history. The blue lightsaber is a classic wars piece and it represents Force, righteousness, valor, and bravery. In the Star Wars universe, Blue Lightsabers are the most commonly colored lightsaber. The blue lightsaber is extremely long of a reasonable length. It has a light-up blade that extends with the flick of a wrist. It features lights, sounds, and phrases. Who are experts and highly skilled in sword-wielding blue light sabers are granted to those? They rely more on combat skills. The blue lightsaber can range from light blue to deep royal blue. Blue Lightsaber can mean calm, trust, and stability. Users of the blue lightsaber have a strong sense of justice and protection. This color is seen with the skilled fighters on the light side of the force.

Kids can imagine their roleplay with a blue violet lightsaber. It features extendable light-up blades and electronic sound effects. Inspired by Jedi and Sith kids aged 4 and up can create a Lightsaber and battle with customizable roleplay toys.

      • Entertainment-Inspired Design and Deco

Star war lightsaber features entertainment-inspired design and deco so kids age 4 and up can imagine epic pretend lightsaber battles.

      • Create their Own

The blue lightsaber toy is comprised of four parts blade, cap, cover, and core which allow kids to assemble their lightsaber for imaginary duels.

      • Customizable Lightsaber

Across the entire Lightsaber Forge line, pieces are compatible. One new lightsaber unlocks 16 total combinations.

      • Electronic Lightsaber with Sound FX

It features exciting electronic sound FX inspired by Star Wars entertainment and a light-up blade.

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Features of the Blue Lightsaber

      • Make sure that the lightsaber have an extendable blade and flick to extend light-up, blue lightsaber blade
      • It features lights, sounds, and phrases from Jedi Knight, and Luke Skywalker
      • The scan included code to access training videos
      • Press the button to start lightsaber training on the path to the light side
      • To imagine all action of the Star Wars look for other Star Wars Lightsaber and roleplay items

Jedi Guardians are commonly seen wielding blue lightsabers and highly skilled in the way of lightsaber combat and typically incorporate less force. Blue lightsabers never shy away from a battle and fearlessly attack their opponents head-on. It serves as a protector and gatekeeper. A lightsaber can cut through enemies and blast through metal alike. Blue lightsaber features a light-up blade that extends with the flick of a wrist. Complete the Lightsaber Academy system with Level 2 lightsabers featuring lights, sounds, and phrases. With lightsaber Academy, kids can train as force recruits to try and master the art of wielding a lightsaber like their favorite characters from the Star Wars Galaxy.


If you are searching for the blue lightsaber then you’ll find a great selection of different styles at artsabers. Here you will get a variety of colors including green, red, blue, and purple. The lightsabers have unique properties and the blue lightsaber is something a bit brighter and vibrant. We provide you with a budget-friendly lightsaber which is an ideal gift for an any star war lover. For a kids also blue lightsaber is a perfect choice as it is the most popular. The blue lightsaber is durable and is the most popular and can cut through multiple layers which makes them ideal for battle. So try to find something that suits your style and personality.

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