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What Are The SEO Challenges For Website Developers?

It is challenging to keep up with search engine algorithms since they evolve. There is a heavy list of factors to figure out when it all comes to SEO, heading to the complicated issues that require quick and innovative solutions. 

So, how about the common SEO challenges? Most business owners face struggles in the beginning. With that in mind, they searching the better solutions for some common issues. If the vibe matches your situation, this blog surely helps you pass some initial roadblocks that stop your website rank higher on search engines. 

How does SEO Bring Challenges For Web Developers? 

Due to growing SEO trends and updates, website developers have experienced a bundle of issues that creates challenges for web developers that should not be avoided. Moreover, Google continuously changes its terms and algorithms to deliver the appropriate search experience to the customer, which makes things more tricky for web developers. 

Indeed, it becomes essential to be aware of unavoidable challenges and find out solutions to overcome these issues at the right time to understand the workflow and lifecycle. Here is the list of the challenges that web developer usually undergoes during the development process.  Well, Understand it and find out the ways to avoid these challenges. 

Better User-Experience

Having a high-speed and high responsive website is not just the end of the developer’s job. You need to underline the better user experience that indicates you need to have a better UI that is easy to understand by the customers. Must focus on angles, and content to navigate essential parameters you need to work upon to deliver a better customer experience. 

Accelerated Mobile Amp Pages 

AMP pages allow marketers to create mobile-optimized content to boost the speed of the websites. Many developers think they are done with the web development, but they forget to create the AMP pages and where the SEO issue arises. To improve SEO practices, it becomes essential for the web development team to spend extra effort and time creating the AMP pages. 


Google will penalize your website for poor speed if the developer creates a website that takes forever to load. As the crawling of your website will also be delayed if the website takes longer than two seconds to load, so you’ll have to work on speed and performance again.

Broken Links 

Having two broken links might be generic for web developers, but having too many broken links is a negative sign that reduces the website’s credibility. It also puts questions about your authenticity. Due to this issue, important pages of your website not be crawled. To get rid of this issue, use the Google Search Console to fetch the information related to the pages to show the 404 responses. 

Duplicate Content 

If your website has duplicate content, you will need to face the Google penality in several consequences. As a developer, ensure that your website content is unique. Ensure that all the graphics, images, and videos you used in your website are accurately optimized and load very quickly. Either sit with a professional SEO expert to get a better idea. 

Missing Alt Tags 

Image optimization is not taken seriously by most developers. Poor image optimization is also a sign of getting the website penalized by Google. Before uploading images on the website, ensure that you don’t have any broken and missing alt tags. 

Final Words 

Undoubtedly, website development is an extensive segment where developers face never-ending challenges in their daily lives. But, if you are aware well to face challenges, it directly helps to improve your business productivity and online presence. Rather than fixing the issue later, it is better to work on the issue beforehand to protect your business from loss. It will help you save time, cost, and effort to deliver a vast user experience.

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