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What does AARP stand for?

The AARP (AARP), is a nonprofit organization with a mission to preserve, protect, and promote the health, independence and quality of life for America’s senior citizens. The AARP is a large and influential organization (it has more members than the U.S. Congress), and they have some truly amazing resources they offer to help with their mission. One of their very popular resources is the AARP Foundation, which provides grants to various non-profits all over the country every year. These grants range in size and funding, but they all help with various causes ranging from community development.

Benefits and discounts

The following are just a few of the hundreds of discounts, benefits, services and resources offered by AARP membership:

  • Advocacy on important issues like social security, affordable health care, and prescription drug coverage.
  • Health and wellness discounts on eye exams, glasses, hearing aids, etc.
  • Insurance plans including health, life, auto, home, business, and pets.
  • Travel discounts on cruises, flights, hotels, resorts, car rentals, etc.
  • Discounts at restaurants, retail stores and supermarkets.
  • Financial and retirement resources.
  • Discounts on entertainment in theaters and Ticketmaster.
  • Family care discounts.
  • Job resources and even a job board to search for a potential job.
  • Community events and information for volunteers.


You’ll also receive a subscription to the hugely popular AARP The Magazine which is the nation’s largest circulation magazine. It is a lifestyle publication that focuses on the issues of aging and also offers a variety of valuable information on topics such as:

  • Money: investments, retirement savings.
  • Health and fitness: tips and trends.
  • Food and nutrition: healthy eating, recipes.
  • Travel: tips on where and how to travel.
  • Relationships: family problems, grandparents, care.
  • Information for consumers: tips and practical information.
  • Entertainment news and celebrity interviews.
  • Book and movie reviews.
  • Topics of general interest: trends and current issues.

Other resources

A few different assets you will approach will include:

  • Free Books and Downloads including digital books, print books, and free downloads on your themes. Furthermore, individuals save 40% on select famous titles, including AARP Tech Guides.
  • AARP Bulletin gives convenient data and inside and out investigation vital to Americans 50 and more seasoned on points including wellbeing, Medicare, Social Security, funds and buyer assurance.
  • Free rewards program where you learn, acquire, play and save. Pursue allowed to procure rewards focuses to save money on gift vouchers and then some, by simply finishing fun and improving exercises on

Enrollment costs

To join AARP, the expense is $16. In the event that you choose to join for quite a long time, you can get a decent rebate. For instance:

  • In the event that you pursue a year yet pursue your auto-recharge choice, the expense is $12.00 each year. (25% markdown)
  • Assuming you pursue 3 years, the expense is $14.34 each year. (10% markdown)
  • On the off chance that you pursue 5 years, the expense is $12.60 each year. (21% rebate)

The benefit of being an AARP part

There is significant worth in the advantages, limits and assets that AARP brings to the table. A few other helpful benefits to consider include:

  • It’s more helpful for the people who just turned 50 and need to exploit AARP. Run of the mill limits for seniors without a participation start at age 55, 60 or 65.
  • You can likewise select your companion or accomplice for nothing.
  • You ought to utilize your AARP card frequently. It will help you more assuming that you use it more. Peruse the site and figure out how to capitalize on your participation.
  • It will worth join. What you save in limits will more than pay for your yearly participation charge of $16.00.



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