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What Does Business Development Mean: Easy Guide

Consider working for a company with no employees dedicated to the company’s growth and development.

Nobody to push you to improve or tell you about new business opportunities, market changes, what your competition is up to, or how to attract your target audience better.

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Do you think this would make it difficult to succeed?

That is why businesses establish business development practices and hire employees to focus on these (and other) tasks in order to grow.

Growth of the Company

Business development is the process of implementing strategies and opportunities throughout your organization in order to promote growth and revenue.

Sales vs. Business Development

As previously stated, business development is part of the larger sales team, but it serves a different purpose than typical sales work and responsibilities.

Business development is a process that assists your company in establishing and maintaining relationships with prospects, learning about your buyer personas, raising brand awareness, and seeking new opportunities for growth.

Sales teams, on the other hand, sell your product or service to customers and work to turn leads into customers. Business development work makes a salesperson’s or a sales manager’s job easier.

Let’s take a closer look at what business development representatives, or those in charge of carrying out various business development tasks, do next.

Responsibilities of a Business Development Representative

Although some BDR responsibilities may change over time as your company grows, the list below will give you a solid understanding of typical BDR tasks.

1. Identify and qualify leads.

To determine who they will sell to, BDRs must qualify leads and identify ideal prospects. Leads are typically qualified through phone calls, emails, web forms, and social media.

The key to qualifying leads (both assigned leads and leads identified by BDRs) is to consider their needs and then determine whether or not your product or software could be a solution for them.

2. Recognize and communicate with prospects

BDRs will identify ideal prospects by qualifying leads and searching for people who fit your buyer personas. They can communicate directly with those prospects to learn more about their requirements and pain points.

BDRs can then determine whether the prospect will benefit from your product or service by becoming a customer. This is significant because it increases the likelihood of increased customer loyalty and retention.

Once the BDRs have identified ideal prospects, they can be passed along to a sales rep on the team (or, if necessary, a sales manager) who can nurture them into making a deal.

3. Look for new business opportunities on your own initiative.

Proactively seeking new opportunities — whether in terms of product line, markets, prospects, or brand awareness — is critical to the success of your company. BDRs network to find new business opportunities, conduct competitor research, and speak with prospects and current customers.

If a new business opportunity is identified, BDRs should schedule marketing assessments and discovery meetings with the team’s sales reps to determine whether or not a deal is possible.

4. Keep abreast of new market trends and competition.

It’s critical to stay current on your competitors’ strategies, products, and target audiences, as well as any new market and industry trends.

This will help you identify ideal prospects more effectively. It also assists your company in preparing for market shifts that may necessitate a new approach to qualifying leads and attracting your target audience.

5. Provide feedback to salespeople and development managers.

According to our research, most companies’ BDRs report to sales reps and managers. BDRS must communicate with these higher-ups for various reasons, including discussing lead qualification strategies and how to connect prospects with sales reps to nurture them into customers.

BDRs must also report their findings to sales reps and managers (for example, business opportunities and market trends). It is critical for your organization’s success to relay this information and collaborate with sales representatives and managers to develop and/or update appropriate strategies for your business and audience.

6. Encourage satisfaction and loyalty.

A BDR’s interaction with a prospect may be the prospect’s first interaction with your company. So, making a good first impression right away is critical for generating interest.

Whether a BDR is attempting to qualify a lead, learn more about the prospect and their needs, or locate the best sales rep to work on a deal with them, their interactions with all of your prospects are important.

When a BDR conducts research on a prospect or begins interacting with them, ensure that all communication is tailored to the prospect. Customizing all content sent to them demonstrates that they are being heard and cared for. These actions are professional and make an impact.

Ideas for Business Growth

  • Change the way you network.
  • Consultations are available.
  • Prospects and leads should be given sales demos.
  • Prospects should be nurtured.
  • Provide a variety of content to prospects.
  • Make contact with marketing.
  • Make an investment in your website.

Encourage your employees to broaden and improve their skills.

Business development ideas are tactics that you can use to impact your company in a variety of ways positively. They can assist you in identifying ideal prospects, networking more effectively, increasing brand awareness, and discovering new opportunities.

The following tactics are intended to get you started; however, because every business and team is unique, these ideas may or may not be appropriate for your specific situation.

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