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What Features To Look For Before Getting A DID Number?

Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbers are cloud-based virtual numbers that can directly route calls to existing telephone lines. It can connect many communication lines to one central based location that allows a business with multiple setup locations/ branches to easily connect with the business number from any location. It helps a business to easily connect and communicate with customers even from outside the country. DID numbers also help customers to directly connect with the specific department or right business through the IVR system.

DID number services are generally used and help to handle bulk calls as manual transfer of calls becomes challenging. DID numbers are used by the business PBX system that automatically and efficiently routes calls to different departments of the business as per the call requirements of the customers. The wait time is reduced which eliminates the risk of call drop or losing customers in the process. It also offers enough productive time to the agents to use their skills best as per their expertise. It helps a business to have a stable customer base while drawing lead generation.

How to get DID number is a question that many businesses might wonder about. However, before getting the answer to how to get DID numbers, it is important to look for the features that may help to choose better. As there are many DID number providers, confusion is natural and common. A business can look and shortlist the DID number providers based on the features and cost of the solution offered. The important features of DID number that a business can look at before getting it are as follows:

  1. Automated Call Routing: Businesses with a huge customer base can use it to reduce call traffic and also never lose a customer. With IVR integration the calls can directly connect with the right agent as the customer gets options to choose from. Call routing helps a business systematically redirect calls to different departments according to the needs of the callers. It reduces wait time for customers and offers services instantly. Routing also helps to record the number of calls and concerns the department and agent gets compared to others. It makes work from home/ remote working easy for agents as calls can be easily directed from any place.
  2. Call Tracking And Recording: DID helps to track and record customer calls made to the business. Call tracking helps in recording all customer and agent information; that includes customer wait time, call concern, busy line, conversation satisfaction, engagement rate, customer location, etc. The feature offers insights into each customer call and agent’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  3. Local Phone Number: Local phone number can be used by a business for the DID number service. A local phone number gives a face of familiarity among the customers which further helps in trust-building. It helps a business to be more acceptable to the customers.
  4. Easy Setup: DID numbers can be easily installed on mobiles, desktops, or laptops that do not need any external setup space. It is economical as it saves money and helps a business to grow with very little yet impactful investment. It can easily integrate with any CRM with the use of API.
  5. Multilingual Support: A business can benefit from the multilingual support feature as it offers options for many languages on a single platform. Along with international, and national languages, it also offers customized local languages. A business can use more language options as per the location of the business setup. It helps a business to easily extend its market reach to the international market. It also reduces barriers to communication.

DID numbers help a business to enhance customer satisfaction by improving the caller experience. It offers number masking that ensures privacy. One of the important features is that it is easily scalable. It accommodates new business requirements very easily. Parallel calls are easy that can be smoothly handled when a business grows and it does not cost further expenditure. It can also help to track different marketing campaigns of the business and also track their performance.

The ‘How to get DID number’ answer is at our fingertips. Knowlarity is one of the leading DID number providers in India and also internationally.

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