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What Is Digital Consulting, and How Do You Start?

Each day, the digital world expands, making it challenging to stay up. It may be difficult to navigate the constantly evolving digital world, particularly if you own your own company and are having trouble marketing it and generating revenue.

However, you don’t have to face the difficulties of digital transformation by yourself. You don’t have to be a part of a huge organization to hire experts known as digital consultants to assist you to achieve your objectives thanks to their vast expertise.

And if you’re tech-savvy and knowledgeable about crucial virtual techniques like SEO, user-friendly design, social networking, and others, you may think about working a part-time or full-time job in the industry.

Everything you need to know about digital consultants and the work of digital consulting, from the qualifications and degrees or training required to become one to the significance of employing one, is provided here.

A digital consultant often has numerous hats to wear. Since of this, their labor is genuinely priceless because they can simply explain internet advertising to you one minute and then assist with the company-wide integration of new software the next.

The main objective of Digital Consulting is to assist businesses with the digital implementation of their plans. This might be creating a website that is easy to use, providing advice on the best hashtags and posting times for social media, administering email or text marketing services, monitoring digital marketing initiatives, or optimizing website content for search engines.

How to Start a Digital Consulting Business

Digital consulting can be for you if you are obsessed with technology and dream of assisting companies of all sizes in achieving their objectives. Here is the information you need to know before entering the field of digital consulting, from training and education to typical wages and projected career growth.


A bachelor’s degree is held by the majority of digital consultants (67%), while a master’s degree is held by roughly 18% of them. Nearly 10% of those in this field have associate degrees, compared to 1% who have doctorates.

What do digital consultants learn to begin their careers in this field? Numerous people have degrees in business, marketing, or communications. However, digital consultants come from a range of academic backgrounds, including computer science, journalism, graphic design, and economics.

A higher education degree is not necessary to work as a digital consultant, however. A high school diploma, which is only held by 2% of digital consultants, may be strengthened by certificates and other training to develop the abilities necessary to work as a digital consultant.


Throughout their careers, digital consultants may hone their abilities and learn more about the always-evolving digital realm by attending continuing training, regardless of the subject of their degrees. A fantastic approach to demonstrating these talents is through obtaining certificates.

The Google Data Analytics certification is one of the most well-known among digital consultants. Digital marketing, IT, blockchain, SEO, web design, coding, and social media are additional worthwhile subjects to take into consideration for certification.


To perform their duties, digital consultants have access to a wide range of abilities. Having said that, some digital consultants could concentrate on certain specialties while others might provide all-inclusive consulting packages. These areas of emphasis could consist of:

Digital strategy: This ability deals with using technology to enhance a company.

Digital consultants are professionals in marketing, and they may do it through social media, email, text messages, or other types of material.

Social media: Digital consultants will be familiar with the best ways to increase viewers and interaction on different social media platforms using both sponsored and organic postings.

Project management: In addition to being able to manage ongoing projects, consultants will also need to be able to manage broad plans.

Digital consultants may increase website traffic by improving user experience and web design.

Determining the Value of Digital Consultants

Business owners should consider hiring digital consultants. Today, websites and email marketing, both of which digital consultants are excellent at, are among the most effective company marketing techniques.

Among the best digital consulting companies, McKinsey Digital has expertise in helping organizations expand via digital consulting. The firm created an innovative, top-of-the-line platform for a pizza shop’s online operation, which assisted the store in growing sales by 7% and 40%, respectively.

The first totally digital bank was introduced with the help of McKinsey Digital. At the time of its debut, it had amassed over 19 million social media impressions and was the #1 trending subject on Twitter.

For real results, digital consulting virtually expands businesses.

The benefits of digital consulting are almost limitless in any case. 


A broad skill set may lead to a six-figure wage in the increasingly in-demand field of digital consulting.

Many entry-level digital consultants earn about $70,000 per year.

Salary at the top: The top 10% of digital consultants earn around $120,000 annually.

Digital consultants receive an average compensation of $44 per hour or approximately $92,000 per year.

The states with the highest incomes for digital consultants are California, Delaware, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Washington. Unsurprisingly, the greatest pay for this position in the United States is earned by digital consultants in San Francisco, a tech hotspot.

Growth Expected

Businesses are discovering fast just how useful it is to cooperate with digital consultants. The Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates a 20% rise in employment for digital consultants through 2028.

The digital consulting industry is anticipated to reach $53 billion in 2021, according to a Statista analysis.

Web design, social media, IT consulting, SEO support, and other services connected to the virtual world are all included in the broad category of digital consulting.

What is your main goal in starting a business?

Yes, long-term growth and profit.

The most important factor in achieving both objectives is deciding on your digital strategy, obviously.

Considering this, digital strategy consultancy may assist you in identifying new technologies and services appropriate for your platform. Additionally, employing a consultant will ensure that you are making the most of all available opportunities and profiting from them.

Improved Efficiency and Higher Margins

Consistent efficiency growth is the one thing that businesses really desire. Everything matters, whether the goal is improved customer service or staff cooperation and performance.

With the aid of a digital strategy expert, you may boost the productivity of your business.

Because they have the skills to utilize cutting-edge digital technologies, they can guarantee accurate and quick communication inside your firm. They’ll provide more streamlined, easily available data.

The concise, well-planned, and efficiency-optimized tactics also exclude any possibility of anything being lost or duplicated.

The usage of a consultant may also help to streamline client interactions. Giving clients more value for their money enables you to create enduring connections.

There are only benefits for your business since happier customers result in larger profit margins and more recommendations.

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