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What is Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing?

Mental health is all about a person’s emotional and cognitive well-being; it means how they feel, behave and think. Mainly one in four people in the UK will go through a mental health problem during their entire lives. Poor mental health can affect relationships, day-to-day functions, ability to enjoy life as well as physical health.

If you have selected this subject for your assignment writing then it is a great course for sure. You can also take Assignment Help Online UK to understand the responsibility of the nurses who promote good mental health to prevent as well as support the students who can have mental illness. All mental health nurses work in a proper setting and always support treating people who are diagnosed with a mental disability or illness.

Like physical health nurses are able to promote mental health by the building of proper relationships with several patients that encourage healthy behaviors and treat and recognize the symptoms as early as possible.

The Symptoms of Mental Health

In the field of medical health, there are several types of medicine that need proper treatment. The best assignment writing help you to understand several symptoms.

  • depression
  • personality disorder
  • eating disorder
  • anxiety
  • psychosis (like schizophrenia & bipolar disorder)
  • obsessive-compulsive disorder
  • addiction
  • post-traumatic stress disorder
  • perinatal mental health.

Some of these conditions go through a person’s life, and need ongoing support, treatment, and education. Each person will experience its effects differently, thus treatment must be different for all.

However, not everyone who needs care for mental health support receives it. Lack of money means that it is not always possible to identify symptoms. The stigma associated with mental illness is slowly but surely being chipped away at. The assignment help uk provide you the solutions to understand and address these problems in a number of different ways.

  • Concepts related to psychiatric nursing practice
  • Care for every patient experiencing emotional difficulties is guided by a set of universal principles.

These guidelines are as follows:

  • The patient must be accepted for who he is.
  • In the process of healing, The people should be aware with their knowledge
  • Patient safety should get improved through the consistency usage
  • Reassuring words need to be expressed appropriately.
  • Emotional experience, rather than rational thought, ultimately alters a patient’s behavior.
  • It’s best not to make patients more nervous than they already are.
  • Protect the nurse-patient privilege at all costs
  • In general, it’s best to avoid using harsh language or physical force.
  • Nursing care should focus on the whole patient, not only managing symptoms.
  • Patients should be given explanations of routine & procedures at their own cognitive level.
  • There are numerous examples of procedures being tailored to the individual patient without compromising on fundamental principles.
  • A patient with mental illness should be observed so that the reasons for his actions can be determined.
  • No one but the patient should initiate a conversation on the patient’s own values and relationships.
  • The institutional and ward unit social structure should be set up in a way that encourages patients to engage with their communities.


There are a lot of things that you need to know and understand about this topic. Better you take an expert’s help to do my assignment. They are going to provide you with the best assistance to understand and also make your assignments in a great way.

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