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What To Choose: High Profile Vs Low Profile Tyre

Meta Description: Here, you will learn about the benefits and drawbacks of both types of tyres in this article. At last, you can choose the right profile Tyres Wolverhampton for your vehicle type.

A guide for choosing the right profile tyre

You have heard about different types of tyres such as summer, winter, all-season and others. Have you heard about the different profiles of tyres? Basically, there are two types of tyres available; high profile or low profile. In this blog, we will understand which type of tyre is more reliable for your car. Do you understand what a tyre profile is? The tyre profile is the height of a sidewall or in other words the distance between the tread of a tyre to the wheel. If a tyre has a high sidewall, it means it is a high-profile tyre. Or if the tyre has a low sidewall, it is a low profile tyre.

Indeed, there is a tonne of inquiries nowadays concerning different tyre kinds and which ones are best for your car. The majority of individuals desire a pleasant, stylish, sporting appearance for their automobiles, and when they do, low-profile tyres come to mind. But does a low profile tyre perform well as a high profile tyre or does it offer a safe or comfortable ride? Here, you will learn about the benefits and drawbacks of both types of tyres in this article. At last, you can choose the right profile Tyres Wolverhampton for your vehicle Tyres Tamworth.

High profile tyre

The majority of the car comes with a high-profile tyre. As I have mentioned above, the sidewall height called the profile. But there is another name for a sidewall called “aspect ratio”. Understand with an example; take an example of a high profile tyre that size is 205 80 R16. 205 is the section width in mm and 80 is the aspect ratio. The sidewall height is 80% of the section width. 80% of 205 will be 162mm approximately. It means the sidewall height will be 162mm.

Pros of high-profile tyre

These tyres are less expensive than low-profile tyres If you buy good quality mid-range or premium brand tyres, they will last for 6 years for sure. If you maintain the tyres, it will run even more than 8 or 9 years.

The high-profile tyre is also known for saving fuel and gas due to its low rolling resistance. Indeed, if you use high-profile tyres rather than low profile, you will save lots of money on fuel.

If comfort is your first priority, you should choose a high-profile tyre. These tyres are more flexible than low profile, eventually, It offers a smooth and quiet ride. These tyres use more rubber and other compounds, eventually, it absorbs bumps, and as a result, offer a comfortable ride even on off roads.

Cons of high-profile tyre

If your concern is vehicle appearance then choosing a high-profile tyre is not a good option for you. But it offers a decent appearance to the car but not as low profile tyre offers to the automobiles.

These tyres can’t provide prime vehicle stability as low-profile tyres do. Indeed these tyres are flexible, eventually, they can’t offer prime stability at high speed.

On cornering, a high-profile tyre offers a worse steering control than a low-profile tyre.

Their traction on wet and dry roads is good but not as good as low-profile tyre offers.

Low profile tyre

Today, automobile lovers choose low-profile tyres. Every high-speed or premium car comes with low-profile tyres. As you have seen, 80 is an aspect ratio of a high-profile tyre. If the aspect ratio is lesser than 55, it means it is a low-profile tyre.

Pros of low-profile tyre

These are high-performance tyres, they perform well on both dry and wet roads. Whether it is stability, steering control, responsiveness or traction, the tyre offers prime performance.

The best part of this tyre is; that it offers amazing response whenever you apply brake or acceleration even at very high speed. More than 200 mph. This means you get a safe ride even at high speed.

It comes with an amazing look that makes an automobile more attractive. You can see lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche or any high-speed car, every car uses low-profile tyres.

Cons of low-profile tyre

These tyres are more expensive than high-profile tyres.

These tyres offer high road noise.

Comes with low tread life due to high performance.

It can’t offer comfort as high-profile tyres.


Low-profile tyre tyres are for cities and places with good roads. They perform tremendously on such surfaces. However, if your concern is also doing off-roading, you should choose high-profile Tyres Tamworth

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