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What You Need to Know About Pizza Boxes

Pizza boxes are folding cardboard boxes designed to hold a hot pizza. Whether you order delivery or takeaway, a pizza box makes your job easier. Here are a few things you need to know about these boxes. Ink printing, Biodegradability, and Bleached or white cardboard are just a few factors to consider. Using a box to hold your pizza makes takeaway and delivery a breeze!

Non-square pizza boxes

There are several reasons why you may want to switch to non-square pizza boxes from round ones. While square-shaped boxes are traditional shapes, they do come with their own set of advantages. In general, these boxes have more space for air to circulate and are therefore more effective at promoting heat loss. Moreover, they have diagonal panels, which reduce the chance of pizza slices sliding off the box while in transit. Ultimately, however, a square-shaped box is more economical in the long run.

Bleached or white cardboard

For the most part, pizza boxes are made of either bleached or white cardboard. Those that are printed with inks are slightly less sustainable. They are also non-recyclable because they contain dyes and chemicals that will contaminate compost. If you are looking for a compostable way to throw away your pizza boxes, you should know what your local recycling center accepts. Some cities also have restrictions on certain food-containing pizza boxes, so it is important to check with your municipality.

Ink printing

There are several advantages of ink printing on pizza boxes by CustomBoxesPlace. They ship flat and can be assembled quickly, with no need for glue or any other type of installation. The high-resolution printing of logos and text on these boxes helps promote brand recognition and reputation. They are also fully customizable, with unlimited options such as window patching and cutouts. Pizza boxes are a convenient way to market your business. Read on to learn more about the benefits of ink printing on pizza boxes.


When it comes to composting or recycling, pizza boxes are biodegradable. Because they are generally made of biodegradable cardboard, they can be separated from other recyclable materials without damaging them. For example, you can send your pizza boxes to the same recycling facility as your food waste. It’s important to know the local regulations and requirements before you recycle these boxes. Otherwise, you risk contaminating your recycling process.


The pizza box market is divided into two main categories: whole and slice. In addition to the type of box, the report also identifies major geographies and key players. Key vendors and players in the market include Pratt Industries Inc. (United States), BillerudKorsnas AB (Sweden), and Magnum Packaging (United Kingdom).


If you are considering composting your pizza boxes, you’ve come to the right place. The cardboard and paper materials within the pizza box can be composted to produce a rich source of compost, which can then be added to the soil for future plants. While it is not the most sustainable recycling solution, composting is the greenest option. Composting pizza boxes not only increase soil fertility but also benefits the environment by avoiding landfills.


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