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What’s The Autism Speaker Do?

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What Do Autism Speaks Do to Help People With Autism?

In the last year, we help nearly 4.1 million autistic individuals and their love ones in myriad ways. Over 86 cents per dollar is use to fund autisms awareness. Public health programs, global research initiatives, state and federal advocacy initiatives, and programs, services, and services for all ages from diagnosis through adulthood. Every year, Autism Speaks exceeds the Better Business Bureau guidelines of 65 cents for every dollar. 

Autism Speaks Used Disgusting Marketing Techniques 

Autism speaks about spreading “awareness” or autisms; in reality they’re disseminating only the fear.

  1. Over the years, they’ve made some naughty videos to promote their business, portraying autistic children as something to be afraid of.
  2. The video features one commercial title “I Am Autisms”, which can be found on YouTube here.
  3. It is a kind of horror film, with lines such as “I know where you live”, “If you’re happily marri, I will make sure that your marriage fails”, and “You are scare, and you should be”
  4. They also create a film name “Autism Every Day”, where mothers discuss how hard their lives can be due to their children being diagnose with autism and their children in the room.
  5. This includes a mother who claims she was contemplating the idea of driving off a bridge while with her child who has autisms but chose not to because she had an autistic child.
  6. Seriously. She is saying it. You can watch it here.
  7. In the end, I can’t; without guilt, support autisms has a voice as the mom of an autistic child or as an autistic individual I.

How Can Autism Speak Aid Autistic People?

We aim to tackle the spectrum of needs – from those who might be a massive strength to those who require extensive assistance to stay in a safe environment. The research confirms that every person with autisms is distinct, and we aim to meet the diverse needs of each person.

Our mission and all the initiatives currently being carried out at Autisms Speaks consider the diversities. Although we recognize that we cannot be all things to all people. We remain steadfast in our determination to promote solutions for all spectrums and across the lifespan.

Here are a few examples of ways Autism Speaks is working to assist people with autism every day:

  • We are enhancing our understanding of the world and acceptance by educating and awareness. We use our platforms to tell stories of autistic individuals all over the lifespan in their own words whenever feasible.
  • A catalyst for breakthroughs in research that improve lives with investments in open, collaborative research that can lead to an era of more personalize treatments and treatments for those with autism. Also, our research funds are aim at providing an immediate impact for those who can benefit from improve treatments of the medical issues commonly associated with autism, including GI problems as well as sleep disorders, feeding disorders, anxiety, seizures, and a host of others.
  • Screening for early childhood and prompt intervention through our public service bilingual campaigns aim to decrease the age of diagnosis to help children who have autism achieve their maximum potential. We also provide tools to assist caregivers in helping their child who has autism.
  • We are making the transition easier into adulthood ) by creating and promoting inclusive workplaces with extensive tools for the 70k+ autistic Americans who are aging out of support programs for children each year by offering online tools and support for transition, job and education, housing and living in the community. We have also introduce our brand new inclusion-base employment program (WIN.
  • Accessing reliable services and information throughout the lifespan by expanding the reach of our Autism Response Team’s technological skills and expertise to give more excellent people – especially in communities and areas that are underserve access to information, resources and assistance from the time of diagnosis to adulthood.

What Does Autism Speak Help Fund?

Last year, we helped nearly 4.1 million Autism at Work individuals and their families in myriad ways. A total of 86.86 dollars per dollar goes to the public health awareness and programs. We offer, as well as global research initiatives, state and federal advocacy efforts. As well as programs, services and support from diagnosis until adulthood. Every year, Autism Speaks exceeds the Better Business Bureau guidelines of 65 cents for every dollar.

Frequently Ask Questions

What’s the Aim of Autism Speaks?

To deliver practical and culturally relevant services that enhance people’s lives. This is achieve by conducting research and forming partnerships with researchers, families, advocacy groups, and government officials across more than 70 countries. 

What Are The Most Common Five Indicators Of Autism?

  1. Not responding to their call.
  2. Beware of eye contact.
  3. Do not smile when you look at them.
  4. They become furious when they are not fans of the smell, taste or sound.
  5. Repeat movements, like shaking hands and flicking their fingers, bouncing their bodies.
  6. They aren’t talking as much as other kids.

What Do You Think Of The Criticism That Is Being Made By Autism Speaks?

In November 2013, Autism Spoke publish an opinion piece by its co-founder Suzanne Wright. People living with Autism and their families were critical. The article for employing inaccurate statistics and providing an untrue and overblown depiction of the daily lives of people with autism and their family members.

Do You Have Autism?

 It’s a condition that you are create with. Autisms signs can be detect when you’re young or even before you’re older. If you’re autistic, you’ll be all the time. Autisms isn’t an illness that requires treatment or an eventual “cure”.

The Reason Autism Speaks Was Created?

Wright created the Autism Speaker logo, which is a blue jigsaw piece. The logo was design to represent the disconnection and disconnect that people with autisms and their families might feel. She also led an initiative to raise awareness of autisms through adorning structures and people with blue light bulbs.

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