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Which is Better: Goodyear Vs Continental

Are Goodyear tyres better than continental tyres? 

Answering the question that Goodyear is better or continental is extremely difficult. Hence, both tyre brands are the largest premium tyre brand in the world. Numerous people think that Goodyear is better than Continental, maybe they are right. But do you think they are right? Let’s cover this and learn which is better; Goodyear or Continental.

Has your tyre completed 5 years or more than half the tread depth already vanished? If yes, it’s time for tyre replacement. Choose Goodyear or Continental Tyres Nuneaton. Choosing the right brand is a must for long-term investment. Buying a high-end tyre is not only the solution. Choosing the right brand for your automobile tyre is foremost.

Understand the importance of buying the right tyre

Due to an increase in incidents involving tyres, more individuals in the UK are becoming concerned about the condition of their car’s tyres. However, they choose to get tyres from a well-known brand rather than conducting enough research. Car owners must be aware of their vehicle’s requirements even when there is no question as to the quality of their tyres. A tyre from a premium brand may or may not be compatible with your vehicle.

Now, if you have luxury vehicles (SUV, Sedan, Coupe, etc) as well as sports or supercars. Goodyear and Continental will be one of the best options for your car. However, if you have to decide on one tyre brand, you should continue reading.

Comparison of summer tyres of both brands 

The majority of UK people (more than 44% people) use summer tyres all around the year. With the help of technology, great rubber compound, tyre making, research and testing helps to create high-performance summer tyres that can perform even in light snow. Comparison between both brands’ top summer ultra high performance will give an idea of which brand is better.

Goodyear: Goodyear’s best summer tyre is Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 6

Continental: Continental’s best summer tyre is Continental Sport Contact 

Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 6 Vs Continental Sport Contact 7

Both are ultra-high-performance summer tyres and top automobile companies use these tyres as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). BMW 5 Series comes with Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 6. On the other hand, BMW M4 comes with Continental Sport Contact 7.

Performance: performance is the first priority because a tyre that offers good performance offers more safety until you know how to drive a car according to the road.

Dry grip: 97% Goodyear, 99% Continental

Wet grip: 94%, 98%

Stability and handling: 94%, 98%

Tyre wear: 91%, 83%

Comfort: 91%, 79%

Responsiveness: both tyres have a prime response since they are the best summer ultra-high performance. You will get a quick response after applying brake and acceleration which is also good to avoid major accidents.

Overall road feedback: 91% Goodyear, 96% Continental. Look, In terms of traction or handling on both wet and dry roads Continental Sport Contact, 7 is far ahead of Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 6. Besides that, if the concern is tyre durability and comfort then Goodyear is far ahead of Continental. Now it depends on your priority which tyre you will pick for your car. 

Now, do you think the comparison of one prime tyre of both brands is good for knowing which is better? Of course, not. But this can give you an idea of their most useful or high-performance tyre. Apart from that, you should also learn about their technology of tyre making.

Technological facts of Goodyear and Continental


  • Goodyear tyres use materials from bio-based substitutes to isoprene, which is now made of petroleum. This lessens the tyres’ environmental impact.

  • Depending on the requirements of electric cars, electric drive technology delivers great load-carrying capability, excellent durability, and increased mileage with less rolling resistance.

  • Goodyear tyres can maintain the air pressure in the tyres at the ideal level.

  •  It makes run-flat tyres. Without any air pressure, punctured tyres may run up to 60 miles at a top speed of 30 to 40 mph.

  • Increased road to tyre contact thanks to 3D-BIS technology enhances handling.


  • Continental tyres tell the driver about the tread depth condition and warn them of any possible tyre damage.

  • Adapts the tyre pressure and wheel width to the state of the terrain.

  • It uses Anti-Vibration Technology, this technology lessens the car’s noise, shaking, and severity.

  • It also makes run-flat tyres that can easily cover more than 50 miles with a speed of 30 mph.

Conclusion: What brand to choose? 

Both tyre manufacturers are best after Michelin. Michelin is the world’s largest tyre brand whereas Goodyear and Continental come in 3rd and 4th spot respectively. Understand from your vehicle perspective about the right tyre brand and or get a guide from the car manual and get the best Car Tyres Nuneaton.

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