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Why should you not “Discard” Discord marketing for your campaign?

4 Billion! Yes, Discord claims to have 4 billion server conversation minutes on a daily basis. As of February 2022, Discord has over 150 million active users and nearly 19 million active servers. But one of the biggest misconceptions about Discord is that the application is used only by gamers. But today, Discord is used by everyone, from local hike clubs, and art communities to study groups. With all these factors, we can safely say that Discord is one of the most popular and widely used applications globally. People from various sectors have started to use Discord for multiple purposes. Particularly the marketing sector has begun to take advantage of the community management feature of Discord for its marketing strategies. So, how can Discord be used for marketing? Even without any native advertising tools, why is Discord becoming popular among marketing professionals?


Discord is a VoIP-based chat and voice application. Users can join servers through links and interact with community members about particular topics and niches. Even Though gamers extensively used Discord when it was launched in 2015, It has grown extensively to a diverse number of users. People like marketers, content creators, influencers, businesses, etc., have started using Discord. Understanding the fact that Discord caters to a diverse audience, it is easy to identify the target group for marketing on these servers. Therefore, marketing professionals have started extensively using Discord for their marketing purposes.

Discord for marketing

Today social media marketing has become an integral part of marketing campaigns. With Discord, marketers can create personalized servers for brands and reach a target audience more effectively. Marketers can organically connect with their target group through community engagement. Community marketing has become an important marketing channel, as it can help brands create loyal and long-lasting community relationships.

Blockchain industry in Discord

The blockchain industry is one of the fastest growing industries globally. Blockchain marketing professionals have effectively used Discord to build and manage its target community. If you are a crypto entrepreneur and looking to widen your brand image, Discord community marketing should be on your checklist.

How to promote NFTs and other Blockchain projects on Discord?

  • Create a dedicated channel for your brand.
  • Set Up a storefront to display your NFT collectible and games.
  • Invite members to your server with giveaways and incentive programs.
  • Engage members with attractive content like articles, newsletters, and blogs, hosting events like launches, quizzes, discussions, etc

How to promote a brand on Discord?

Build a community:

Build a business community on Discord. You can invite users to your community by sending invite links to other relevant communities. You can also promote your community on other social media platforms.

Create moderators:

With Discord, you can create any number of communities on a server. You can set up several text and voice channels for your community. You can also create special groups for highly active members and technical support groups and assign roles for them.

Offers and exclusive sales:

Discord caters to a majority of a young and smart audience. Therefore, data-backed research and real value are required to build an engaging community. Provide exclusive offers and pre-sale for your community members to keep them invested in your brand.

Customer service:

All consumers want their issues resolved as quickly as possible. Customers invest in brands that provide swift customer service and answer their queries. Discord provides features for quick customer service. This is one of the effective ways to engage prospective and existing customers.

Moderating your community:

You can also create a Discord platform for a moderated social discussion. You can provide relevant topics according to your brand and topics that your target audience might be interested in. This helps the community members to interact and bond, which in turn creates a sense of community.

Connect with like-minded people:

Connect with like-minded people on other servers. By doing this, you can potentially have business collaborations and expand your products and services beyond your target audience.

Share relevant content:

Share relevant content based on your brand and niche in your community. You can share website articles, blogs, and newsletters in your community to engage with your audience actively. Not only articles and blogs, but you can also share memes and GIFs based on your content. It is just about having an active and engaged audience. So focus on posting relevant and strong content.

Monitor analytics:

Like Google Analytics, you can aggregate your Discord marketing analytics. You can view your marketing data weekly, monthly, and even daily. You can determine your audience’s geography, engagement, and retention levels. Prepare a report with the analytics and work on improving your reach.


Discord has multi-functional bots for effective communication with members and better user engagement. Bots can handle specific tasks and make life easier for admins for a certain level. Bots can send predefined messages, reminders, schedule events, and many more. You can make use of free and paid bots for your community.


You can make use of Discord’s exclusive features like Nitro to conduct events like product launches and stream them live in your community.

Why you should use Discord for your marketing?

Discord is an easy-to-use platform for both web and mobile applications. As mentioned earlier, even though Discord doesn’t have exclusive marketing tools, many brands, especially NFT and gaming brands, opt for Discord marketing to build a community around their brand. Categories and channel features help brands watch closely and engage with their consumers. By doing this, they can study consumer expectations and try to fulfill them to build a healthy community. The better you know your target audience, the better you can craft your business. Also, Discord has exclusive features for event schedules, live streaming, and voice chat channels. You can also have a dedicated channel for feedback and reviews; this helps in building trust among your audience.

Discord is one of the best and most effective tools for community marketing. But continuously engaging and maintaining a server on Discord need persistence and market knowledge. Without professional help managing a discord channel can become a tiring task. Suppose you are a crypto entrepreneur looking to promote your brand with Discord. In that case, you can hire a professional Discord marketing firm from the market to elevate your business to the next level.

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