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Xbox 360 How to Transfer Data From One Hard Drive to Another?

Xbox 360 How to Transfer Data From One Hard Drive to Another?

To transfer your Xbox 360 hard drive from your files to a new one you will need to transfer cable and console software. Turn off both consoles and remove the driver from your console. For transfer using the cable, in order to connect to the hard drive you need to plug in the USB port and the other end of the transfer cable into your destination console.
Transfer Data from one Xbox 360 Hard Drive to Another

Once connected, you can turn on the new console with the latest software installed. Therefore, it seems that it does not choose to declare a message, or transfer it, to console a person. Select a startup to begin transferring your content. Depending on the number of files stored in the original on your HDD it can take several hours.
Xbox 360 hard drive: transfer to the console

Top 10 Xbox 360 3 Hard Drive Software . You Can Use

1. Xbox 360 Content Manager

Key features: Users can drag and drop files to other applications, and organize the downloaded contents in a variety of ways to unlock Directory/Upload CON/Live contents on their computers and consoles.

Download it from here

How to: Only one will download and extract files and folders. The software will be ready to install and use in JTAG Content Manager. The user may choose to perform a successful upload or order multiple files to be checked.
Xbox 360 Content Manager

2. FATXplorer

Key features: It is the ultimate explorer device for Xbox 360 users. Built with reliability, it allows users to access compatibility and speed and organize all valuable gameplay data, and downloadable content. It contains lots of features that you need to perform all the necessary tasks for the user. Meanwhile, gamers still love the power of content to provide options for items that are corrupted or useless to easily delete. The system also provides a real-time look at the content available by releasing.

Download it from here.

how to get:

As appropriate, users will choose the email partition driver to mount to the grid.
Xbox 360 hard drive: FATXplorer
Users will only use the Content View in order to get a list of any storage device’s Content Partitions. It basically displays the list of content quietly and has powerful filtering features.
Xbox 360 hard drive: Content Partition
3. Macrorit? Disk Partition Expert
Key features: to add a way to manage your saved games, Macrorit! Expert designs for completion of the Xbox 360 disk courses are done without risking the potential for the fastest speed.

When you are resizing the partition to:

Macrorit launch? select NTFS and right-click on Resize size box 360 hard drive: Macrorit? Disk Partition Expert
Choose to connect to the screen and select the upper left side of the pot. Once the process is over, the program will shut down. Go to my computer to check the partition.
Xbox 360 hard drive: Choose Commit
If you lost data on your Xbox 360 Hard Drive, unfortunately, don’t worry! You may even have to get lost in the data again. You can try to reproduce Xbox 360 Hard Drive files with this tool.

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